Fashion Model Agency

Fashion Model Agency in Helsinki

I worked for the Fashion Model Agency while back and I really enjoyed it! I was in the beginning of my photographing career and figuring out my style of photography. I cherish these memories dearly because I learned so much about photography, working under pressure and found myself enjoying directing models and boosting model students confidence while teaching them as well. I grew so much as person and professional. 

I think generally there are no “rules” or “guides” how you should photograph. Only the sky is a limit! So I’m very grateful about this experience that I was able to discover and learn so much about the photography at model agency.

Every person is unique, they have their own shapes and features, and you will need to think what works for each person. I found it very fascinating when I had a photo shoot with over 20 models. Some poses didn’t work as good as for the other one. Someone might have been more nervous than other so it was my job to make that person feel comfortable. But these are all normal things! I think everyone is beautiful and it is my responsibility as photographer to bring out person’s best features in photo. Please enjoy the following collage of my model photos.