Wonderful product photo shoot in Mäntyharju​

Creating atmospheric sauna photos in Mäntyharju

My client Sauna From Finland asked for illustrations in their Sauna guide book (purchasing it you will also support many entrepreneurs and companies). The purpose of the images would be to work in print and also on social media channels. 

We did the photo shoot in peaceful location at Mäntyharju. Along the way, the weather was switching from thunderstorms to sunshine, but luckily the weather subsided just as we arrived at the location.

In the photos, we used Sauna From Finland’s customers’ products, which included KOLO and Jokipiin Pellava. We specifically aimed for freshness and clarity with the images, which at the same time would function as lifestyle-style, atmospheric product photos.

The color scheme of the photographs became slightly different from the usual. Due to the storm, the water had had time to mix so that the water looked more cloudy but in fact this worked quite well overall with the products. The color scheme of the images became different from what I had originally thought, but that’s how the photo shoots mostly go; never quite go according to plan and must always be applied according to the situation. Mother nature is sometimes a little difficult to predict.